A quick guide to perform your own integration of PAL within your favourite GIS application : [download pdf]


Initial work has been done in the context of an applied research project (more information). Thus, many publications have been written, and it's a good start  to  read them to know more about what PAL offers, how it works and what the results of this research project are.

Towards an automated label placement service (OGRS2009)

  • Abstract and coming soon the paper within OGRS2009 Springer publication

From Point Feature Label Placement to Map Labelling (MIC'09)

  • Metaheuristic International Conference, Hamburg, Germany, July 2009 [download pdf]

PAL : a cartographic labeling library (FOSS4G2008)

POPMUSIC for the point feature label placement

  • Metaheuristic International Conference (MIC'05), 2005, [download pdf]