Building a community platform is a major focus so as to federate and bring together forces to maintain, offer support and follow innovative new developments in the field of labeling through PAL library.

Mailing List

Join pal-developer mailing-list to address both core developments and software integrations.

pal-developer :


If you add or enhance functionnalities or even plan to do so, please report an enhancement ticket on PAL Trac system (see below) with a description and attached patches. It can also be worth to post on the mailing-list.

Contributors (* = committer) : Olivier Ertz (*), Martin Dobias (*), Maxence Laurent (*), Marc-Antoine Nüssli, Abson Sae-Tang

Bug tracking

  1. Go to PAL Trac system
  2. Log in (or register to create an account)
  3. Create a new ticket for the bug you have identified

Bug fixing

If you fix a bug listed on, please comment the corresponding ticket and attach your patch.