Actual PAL integrations

Below are listed projects using PAL labeling library. Try them to better feel what PAL offers !

extJPal for gvSIG 1.x (< 1.9)

This is an extension for gvSIG, codename extJPAL. It has been developed during the intiial PAL project as a proof of concept so as to deliver more than just placement algorithms. Also did it stay an experimental release and bugs can be reported. Notice, as gvSIG is written for Java platform, extJPAL makes use of JPAL JNI wrapper.

For more technical informations, see trac page of extJPal.

Watch extJPAL screencast.

Download extJPAL extension.

PAL inside Quantum GIS

Quantum GIS uses PAL both for diagram and label lacement on a map. Integration for the diagram overlay has been implemented by Marco Hugentobler and integration for the labels has been done by Martin Dobias, during his Google Summer of Code 2009 (see his reports page).

Martin did also great improvements on the core library

See the Quantum GIS website for more information.

wpsPAL :: standard-based cartographic web service for label placement

The idea behind such a service is to offer through a standard-based web interface an access to the power of the PAL library. Thanks to a work of diploma, wpsPAL is a prototype which implements an approach designed at HEIG-VD. For more information, see below.

Work of diploma poster (HEIG-VD / Comem+).

"Towards an automated label placement service", O. Ertz, M. Laurent, D. Rappo, E. Taillard, Geospatial Free and Open Source Software in the 21st Century Lectures Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography (LNG&C) series, Springer-Verlag (to be published).

Want to give it a try ? Just contact us.

Soon PAL inside MapWindow ?

According to this post, something is planned for improving label placement within MapWindow, and it seems PAL is seriously considered ... hope to see it soon ! If you are interested, just send an email on MapWindow forum.

Towards an automated label placement service